Partner With Big Daddy

By working with us you give your sellers an additional way to sell their home and meet their goals. Get them an offer from us that saves months of time and the need to deal with the headaches of a typical listing process such as making repairs to get the highest price.

We purchase homes where the seller wants something that a traditional listing would not offer

  • Quick Closing for Cash From a Buyer That Will Not Fall Through
  • Inherited Homes Where You Would Like a Quick and Private Sale
  • Homes That need Minor or Major Repairs or Renovation
  • Homes That are Not Mortgageable by a Bank Due to Condition
  • Specialize in Shortsale Approval Assistance for Agents
  • Multi-Family and Single Family Detached Homes
  • We Buy in All Price Points From $50,000 & Up
  • Homes That Are a Financial Burden